Now Hiring!


Laundry Attendants Needed!

Shifts available: Weekends and Evenings

  • Must be available for Sunday shifts, either 11am-5pm or 5pm-11pm
  • You must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. and be physically capable of sometimes strenuous closing cleaning duties such as mopping, sweeping, etc.
  • You may occasionally be asked to work at our other two locations.
  • Excellent customer service skills are required.
  • You must have basic computer skills and be able to type quickly and accurately.
  • No smoking at all during work shifts (we handle customers’ clean laundry!)

Tips for a Successful Employment Application at Liberty Laundry

The best way to apply for employment at Liberty Laundry is to:

  • Visit one of our stores. Be familiar with it. When we ask you if you have been in one of our stores before, be able to truthfully say, “Yes!” You might mention a feature or two of our store that you noticed during your visit.
  • Fill out an application and turn it in at any of our locations. When we say fill it out, we mean complete every section that you can. We are looking for thorough people who give great attention to detail. Incomplete applications will be ignored. Sorry! The days are too long and life is too short to spend time trying to hunt down information on people who aren’t willing to tell us about themselves.
  • If you attach a resume to your application (which we recommend but is not required), you still need to fill out the application as well.
  • A brief cover letter attached to your application explaining why you would be an excellent choice greatly enhances the possibility of us considering you for employment. We are looking for people who communicate well as the job consists mostly of assisting customers and creating a happy, friendly, safe environment for everyone.

Holiday Hours

🎄Holiday Hours🎄

Saturday, 12/24: 7 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday, 12/25: Closed!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Hang your stockings with care 😉

Check in to win - quarterly drawing for a $100 pre-loaded self-service laundry card at Liberty Laundry.

And the Winner is…

Congratulations to Stacie N. for winning our second quarterly drawing for a $100 self-service laundry card!  How did she win this, you ask?  Just by being a regular customer and participating in our Belly Rewards program.  It’s easy!  Each time you visit our store, check in on the iPad located at the service counter to earn points towards great rewards such as a free wash, free dry, or even free drop-off laundry service – up to fifty bucks!  Also, by sharing your email address, you’re entered into our quarterly drawing for a $100 self-service laundry card.  This time, Stacie was the winner!

Profile picture for Stacie N., who is the winner of a $100 self-service laundry card at Liberty Laundry

Stacie N., winner supreme!

Our next drawing will be held at the end of September, so if you haven’t signed up for our Belly Rewards program then… Well, what are you waiting for!?  It’s fun and saves you money!  It’s just one more way we say THANK YOU for being our customer!

Check in to win - quarterly drawing for a $100 pre-loaded self-service laundry card at Liberty Laundry.

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Katrina W. for winning our first quarterly for a $100 self-service Liberty Laundry card!  Everyone who entered the drawing by sharing their email address in our Belly loyalty program is still eligible for our next drawing this summer.

Earn points every time you visit our laundromats for our drop-off laundry service or self-service laundry just by checking in!  Check out our rewards list here.

Picture of Katrina W, who is the winner of the drawing for a $100 laundry card.

Katrina W., the lucky winner and super-awesome person all around!

An image of the Belly app running on a smartphone and some of the BellyCard keytags used to check in at Liberty Laundry.

Do You Belly?

Heard about Liberty Laundry’s new loyalty program yet?  It’s called Belly!  Funny name, but the savings are real.  You can even get your laundry done for free!

An image of an iPad sitting on the service counter, running the BellyCard loyalty application at Liberty Laundry.

Here’s how it works: When you visit one of our three locations in Tulsa, Broken Arrow, or near Jenks, Oklahoma, for our self-service coin laundromat or drop-off laundry service, you check in on the iPad running the Belly app at the service counter using either a free BellyCard or an app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.  When you check in on each visit to our laundromat, you earn points which can be redeemed for rewards such as a free wash, free dry, or even up to $50 free drop-off laundry service.  Neat!

Plus, anyone who chooses to share their email address with us is eligible to win our quarterly drawing for a pre-loaded $100 laundry card for self-service laundry.  Now we’re talking!

Check In To Win - Quarterly Drawing: $100 pre-loaded self-service laundry card.



A street sign at Liberty Laundry that says, "Suds your duds here."

Yup, We’re Okies

A street sign at Liberty Laundry that says, "Suds your duds here." Posted this silly sign recently at our 71st & Sheridan coin laundromat in south Tulsa. Ain’t no need to overcomplicate your life: Our drop-off laundry service and self-service coin laundromat helps you “git ‘r done!”

A pickup with several buckets of powdered soap sitting in the bed of the truck in the parking lot outside Liberty Laundry.

That’s a Lot of Soap!

Ever wondered how much soap Liberty Laundry uses each month for Wash-Dry-Fold drop-off laundry orders?  Get a load of this:

A black pickup truck with several white fifty-pound buckets of powdered soap in the pickup bed sitting in Liberty Laundry's parking lot.

Each bucket holds 50 lbs. of concentrated detergent.  That’s over 450 lbs. of detergent in this picture, folks!  Even more impressive is that this is only 2/3 of what we use in a month.  That’s all that could fit in the back of the truck at one time.  Our Assistant Operations Manager, Sean, had just finished dropping off soap to one of our stores and was on the way to the other two.  Considering you can wash up to 40lbs. of laundry with just one little scoop of this stuff, we’re talking a lot of laundry!


This detergent is powerful stuff.  It’s not available for resale to normal consumers – you have to be a laundry to purchase it from a distributor!  This allows us to process orders more quickly (less spot treating needed!) and gets your clothes cleaner than if you were to do it yourself.  Nice!  We have other varieties of detergent available if you request it such as unscented hypoallergenic soap or Tide, but this soap is our main go-to for standard laundry and we highly recommend it.  We call it our “Liberty Laundry House Blend” for the standard stuff and “Master Clean” for the really heavy duty detergent which is used for things like oily greasy mechanic’s clothing.

Got a lot of laundry but you’d like us to do it for you?  We’re ready for ya!

A street sign saying, "Drop your pants off here" outside Liberty Laundry.

Oh Dear… Is It a Good Sign?

Becky, the store manager of our laundromat on Lynn Lane in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, is awesome!  Check out the message she just put up on our street sign!

A street sign outside Liberty Laundry that says, "Drop your pants here."

Here are some other fun signs that we’ve posted over the years:
A street sign outside Liberty Laundry that says, "This laundromat will knock your socks off."

A street sign outside Liberty Laundry that says, "Undies made fresh daily."

A street sign outside Liberty Laundry that says, "Come wash your troubles away."

A street sign outside Liberty Laundry that says, "Laundry today or naked tomorrow."

A street sign outside Liberty Laundry that says, "Don't let dirty laundry hamper you."

A street sign outside Liberty Laundry that says, "Our laundromat is loads of fun."

A street sign outside Liberty Laundry that says, "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Clean Undies."

A street sign outside of Liberty Laundry that says, "We wash you a merry Christmas."

Have a great laundry pun to share?  Leave a comment!  We’d love to post it on our sign!

Forefounders Episode 14: The Bright Spot in a Dingy Industry with Brian Henderson of Liberty Laundry

Podcast Interview: FOREFOUNDERS


FOREFOUNDERS Ep. 14: The Bright Spot in a Dingy Industry with Brian Henderson of Liberty Laundry

In this podcast interview hosted by attorney Zac Lindsey of LINDSEYfirm, Operations Manager Brian Henderson shares the story of how Liberty Laundry came to be, why the company’s laundromats in the Tulsa metro perform so well, a vision of where the company is headed, and why the heck a guy with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry is operating a chain of laundromats!

Zac Lindsey is a local Tulsa attorney specializing in assisting small business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs navigate the legal challenges of being self-employed and growing or selling a company.  He’s a great guy and definitely someone you want working on your behalf!

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