Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your store hours?

Monday through Saturday: 7 a.m. – 9 p.m., Sunday: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Last load in is at 9 p.m. every day.

What is “last load in”?

Start your stuff in our machines by 9 p.m. If you get there before 9 p.m., you can wash and dry. No new customers are accepted after 9 p.m.

Is there someone to help me if I have a question or a problem?

Yes! There is always an attendant on duty at Liberty Laundry.

How do the machines work?

We recorded some videos just for you!  Take a look at this page.

How long does it take?

Our front loading washers and gas powered dryers are fast. Most wash cycles take around 20 minutes, and dryer times
are typically around 35 minutes. How would you like to get a week’s worth of laundry (or even a month’s worth) done in under an hour?

How much do your washers and dryers cost?

We have several sizes of machines available with several different settings. They accept coins as well as credit cards, right on the machines themselves. We also offer a drop-off laundry service.

We offer the lowest cost per load of laundry than just about anywhere in town. The more laundry you’re able to combine together into a single larger size machine, the less it costs per pound of laundry. We also recently started a loyalty program, where our frequent customers accumulate points which they can redeem for a free wash or dry, or even free drop-off laundry service which can save you some serious money.

Our smallest size washers are our double-load washers and they start at $3.00. They are front-loading washers and hold about twice as much as a typical top load washer does, or about 20 lbs. of laundry. Our three-load washers start at $4.50, and we even have four-load, six-load, and even eight-load washers.
Our dryers start at $2.25 for 36 minutes and hold about three loads of laundry, or about 30 lbs. We also have five- and eight-load dryers.

What are your “busy hours”?

Liberty Laundry’s busiest days of the week are Sunday and Saturday, with the most business occurring between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  And what is the “best” time to come in? Weekday mornings between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. are the least crowded.

Two bar graph charts showing the busy hours and days of the week for Liberty Laundry.

I don’t have time to wash my clothes – can you do it for me?

Absolutely! Whether you’re short on time or would just rather have someone else take care of the laundry, we are your one-stop solution. We specialize in drop off laundry services and often wash larger items such as comforters, sleeping bags, and more. Click here to see a list of our prices!

What type of soap do you use?

We have a several options available, but our “default” is called Liberty Laundry House Blend. We describe it as similar to a mix of Tide™ and OxiClean™ with a light lemony scent. It’s a special kind of detergent that’s only available to commercial laundries so it’s even better than what you can buy for your home.  Alternatively, we offer Tide™ as well as scent-free hypoallergenic detergent and softener. Just let us know what you’d prefer when dropping off your laundry! If you would like to provide your preferred detergent or softener for us to use for your order then that is fine, too.  We will save your preferences on our computer so we’ll use exactly what you’d like every time you drop off.

Do you offer drycleaning or ironing?

No, we do not offer these services. However, many items (including most comforters) that say “dryclean only” on their tags can be washed without any issues. Feel free to check with any of our friendly attendants if you are not certain if your item can be washed or not. Dropping your comforter off with us to be washed can be significantly cheaper than having it drycleaned – it’s our specialty!

What are your locations?

We have three locations: one in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and two in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Click here for locations.

Is this a national chain / franchise / corporate business?

No, Liberty Laundry is a locally owned and operated family business. You could say that we are a few of the little people that make the world go ’round. SMALL BUSINESS = AWESOME!

Why drop off laundry?

People have outsourced their laundry for thousands of years. It isn’t a new concept. At Liberty Laundry we take pride in offering a service that can make your life easier.

A lot of different people use our drop off service for a lot of different reasons:

  • A construction worker who doesn’t want to spend his one day off doing laundry.
  • Out-of-town visitors.
  • An elderly gentleman who now finds himself in the role of caregiver after his wife started having health problems.
  • Bachelors who are clueless about how to do laundry and their mothers don’t live nearby.
  • Busy professionals who value their time.
  • Busy mothers who value their time.
  • Busy mothers who are professionals who value their time.
  • A family whose home is undergoing remodeling and the laundry room is temporarily out of service.
  • Folks who would rather drop off their comforter for us to wash instead of paying much higher prices at the dry cleaners.
  • Small business owners who would rather outsource their company’s laundry chores instead of having to do it themselves.
  • A woman who tells us, “I hate doing laundry. You do it.” And we are happy to do so!

Which washer size should I use to wash my comforter?

It depends on the actual size of your comforter. Selecting the right washer is as simple as trying it on for size. If you put the comforter into the washer and you find yourself using your shoulder in order to get the door shut, you probably ought to use a larger washer. On the other hand, our front load washers actually work better when they are more than half full. In fact, you can fill the washer nearly completely full, just don’t stuff it tight. Leave a little room for the water!