Turn "Laundry Day" into "Laundry Hour"

How to use our washers

Our American-made Speed Queen washers and dryers are fast.  Technically they’re called “washer-extractors”: their spin cycles are so fast your clothes come out dryer than from traditional washers! That means less time (and money) spent on drying and the sooner you can be on your way.

Never used a commercial front-loading washer before? Not an issue! Liberty Laundry is an attended facility – just ask any of our friendly staff to show you how.  We would be delighted to help you!

Most wash cycles take around 20 minutes and typical loads take around 35 minutes to dry. Wash and dry all of your laundry in under an hour!


Use Your Credit Card

Liberty Laundry is the first chain of laundromats in Oklahoma (and one of the first in the nation) to add credit card readers to every washer, dryer, and soap vending machine in all three stores! Skip the trip to the bank to get those rolls of quarters – you don’t need them any more!

Well, okay, our machines do still accept both quarters and dollar coins if you would rather stick to cash, but for those who would rather use plastic this is a huge convenience!  Also available for cash customers are an ATM, change machines, and friendly attendants to break large bills or make change.


We Accept Credit Cards!

credit card logos


Google Wallet and Apple Pay

There is a reason why our stores are some of the top performing laundromats in the nation – they’re high tech!  If you have a smartphone that supports NFC payments such as Google Wallet, Android Pay, or Apple Pay, then you can use it to start our machines!  We’re living in the future, man!

Apple Android Pay logos


Loyalty Cards

Purchase a reloadable cashless payment card at Liberty Laundry, and you’ll never have to hunt for quarters again!

Bonus Bucks!

5% bonus is added to your card every time you reload.  That’s a $1 bonus for every $20. Free money just for doing your laundry? Sweet!


Skip the trip to the bank for rolls of quarters – you’re going cashless!

Reload your card from anywhere online at, with the SpyderWash app, or in-store at Liberty Laundry.

View transaction history, generate reports, and manage multiple cards online – great for business owners, organization managers, and busy households!

Liberty Laundry reloadable cashless payment card


1. Purchase a loyalty card
Visit any of our three locations to get started.

2. Create an account
Register your card using the iPad kiosk at the service counter or register online at

3. Reload your card
Reload in-store at the register, online, or with the SpyderWash app.  Bonus value of 5% is automatically added when you reload your card!  Maximum card balance is $200.


Liberty Laundry is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged cards.  We will not replace any unregistered loyalty cards.

Loyalty cards are for self-service laundry only and may not be used for drop-off laundry service at this time.